Monday, May 21, 2012

This is why I don't use Windows based phones.

     In 2010 I upgraded my Android G1 to a Windows based 6.5 (HTC HD7 Model). I paid more then 300 cause the T-Mobile discount was only 50 bucks. The phone is nice and has nice features but, after three months I decided to sell it on Ebay and actually got what I originally paid for it. The phone is very limited to apps markets and that's a big NO NO.  Especially when you have used Android Market to purchase your apps over time. Finally, since then I had upgraded twice with the latest been a Samsung Galaxy S2.
     I would probably had been disappointed if I still had this WM phone but I'm not. Make sure you know select well and wisely when deciding which OS to go on your next smartphone purchase.

Miguel (VipSphinx)

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