Thursday, August 11, 2016

No Man's Sky: Let's see what's all the hype....

    I just got a copy of the Limited Edition of No Man's Sky, I just want to see what is all the hype about this new type of genre. We know is not an action shooter, if you are looking for that then you are on the wrong game. This game specifically focus more on exploration and survival more than anything.
     The game structure its very unique, why? Well, is more complicated in mathematical terms to be exact. Basically the game generates as you discover and explore new planets. Then, since they are discovered by you, you can assign names. Everything that is discovered and named goes to the atlas online. So, make sure you name it before leaving the new place. Other players, if they ever bump into your discoveries, it will show your named planets.
     And the cool thing about it, is, every single player who starts the game for the first time, starts on different planets, so no two players never play alike. For every one is always a new experience.
So, time to try it out and see where it lead us......

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