Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Profiles on Netflix for the entire family!

      This is absolutely great! This is just what I was waiting for. Now you can go to Netflix.com and create up to five profiles per household.  So next time I login with my profile "Miguel", there will be no more recommendations "because you seen...Pocoyo, I will suggest My Littlest Pet...etc". 
     In my case I created three profiles: Mine "Miguel", the "Kids" and "Family" since we all have different taste in movies and programming. Besides, having the option of choosing your icon, (by the way, your facebook profile picture can be used also)  is that you can control the viewing of other profiles. For example; in my kids profile I put a check mark on "This is a profile for under 12".
     Netflix profiles are now live and ready to be use at your convenience!

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