Monday, August 15, 2011

Call of Duty Elite Beta is just around the corner.

"Your invite to the Call of Duty® Elite Beta is just around the corner. In order to prepare your account we need you to complete your Call of Duty registration by creating a Call of Duty account and linking your console profile. This will allow Call of Duty Elite to start accessing your in-game statistics so that you're ready to go the moment we send your invite.
Invites will be sent out on a daily basis. To maintain your place in line, be sure to complete your registration today."

This is a reality, the final stages for the COD Elite Beta has started rolling, I got lucky like some of you and got invited to the beta. One note to be considered: "The Call of Duty Elite beta currently only supports Xbox 360. We will open additional platforms in the near future." So PS3 owners, don't be discouraged by this.

         Anyways, when you register you can still actually register both your X360 and your PS3 systems this is good considering that I have every single COD game on Xbox360 but, that might change with the last installment of the series. I am seriously thinking of getting it for the PS3 for two reasons: 1st- 3D Gaming baby! - I like the idea of just inserting the game and "PUFF" ready to play in 3D. As with the Xbox360, you need to go to the game settings change the configuration THEN go to your 3D enabled tv and switch to 3D mode. And 2nd- Even though I have less friends on the PSN, I do have more family playing it. And I know they are getting the PS3 version. The verdict? I still don't know, since the Xbox Live is more stable then the Playstation Network and has less lag and less disconnections.  (Actually very rare).

     So...which system version of the COD: Modern Warfare 3 are you getting?
Below is a screen shot of my career standings:

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