Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PSN PASS: It is a reality!

     SONY has already confirmed that starting with the game "Resistance 3" an exclusive PS3 game, an additional code will be inserted in the case which with this code (Online Pass) it will be the only way you will be able to play multiplayer online. No big problem if you get the game "New" but, what about those of us that occasionally buy a used game? Or those who rent the game from mayor retailers like Gamefly or at your loca rental store? That means that if you get your hands on one of these used "specially marked boxes," you will have to pay ~10.00 just to jump to  the online community. This also means that a lot of retailers who sells used games, most likely will reduce the cost of these so call "PSN Pass" enable games just to compensate for the cost of the online pass. So if you rent  these type of games for a couple of nights, are you willing to pay ten bucks for the online pass? It will be hard to believe that someone will actually do it. 

     In my opinion, Sony is trying to compensate for their FREE Playstation Network use. But, don't they already have Playstation Plus? Somebody has to pay for those servers that we take advantage of. On the other hand, how come this kind of issues never pops-up with Microsoft's Xbox Live? Well, because we pay an annual subscription, that's why. I would rather pay an annual subscription for the PSN then doing the online pass crap... seriously. What do you think? Are you against or in favor? Tell us.

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