Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SOCOM 4 offers at Best Buy

This is a great offer! Buy any "Socom 4" game or as a bundle with the Sharpshooter and get $30.00 off any one of this games "Killzone 3" "Gran Turismo 5" or "Little Big Planet 2" plus a $10.00 Gift Card at Best Buy.
I got the Socom 4 Bundle with the Killzone 3 Game + gift card. Basically I got Killzone 3 for 20.00 bucks.
Another point to make is that the Socom 4 bundle itself you are saving about 60 bucks. If you put all this together, how much would you be saving? Do the math...

ps. You can purchase Killzone 3 for 49.99 this week.

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