Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guerrilla Games giving out limited Killzone 3 beta keys

Sony originally stated that Killzone 3 multiplayer beta would be limited to Playstation Plus subscribers who were one of the first to download a free theme on the Playstation Store.  Now Guerrilla Games has announced a very limited amount of beta keys available in a Twitter giveaway running until October 22.
Only 300 beta key will be available.  150 of those are slotted for North America with the other half going to Europe.  You'll need to have a Twitter account and a valid PSN ID to participate and you'll need to enter by 2PM EST on October 22. 

Step 1.
Log in to Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, sign up here first.
Step 2.
Make sure you’re following’s official Twitter account, @killzonedotcom.
Step 3.
If you have a SCEE PSN account, tweet the message below to @killzonedotcom:
If you have a SCEA PSN account, tweet the message below to @killzonedotcom:
No need to copy-paste – just click on the message to open it in a new Twitter window. Remember to replace “[your PSN ID]” with your actual PSN ID before hitting that Tweet button!
Emails containing the beta key and instructions will be sent to the randomly chosen winners on October 25.  So make sure your PSN ID has the correct email address in it.

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