Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Force Unleashed 2 Demo Now Available

     The demo hits today for those Xbox Live users as well as the Playstation Network players. Starting today (Oct.12) you are going to be able to download the latest demo from the StarWars Franchise. Although I play both systems I really hope they add the "Move" feature, this game seems like a good Ginnie pig to test the cool controller.

"The level focuses on the very beginning of the game, which takes in a secret cloning facility on the planet of Kamino. Starkiller, told by Vader he is no more than a clone, becomes tormented by the memories of his past and escapes into the rain-soaked planet with Vader not far behind. Unleash the power of dual Lightsabers, over-top Force powers including the new Jedi Mind Trick, and get a first taste on a journey that will take Starkiller across the Galaxy in search of the truth behind his past, as well as the woman he cannot forget."

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