Thursday, October 7, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV - Could this be final?

     Reportedly Square Enix is demanding the gaming press hold off publishing any reviews of Final Fantasy XIV until a month after the game’s release; unfortunately, players seem to have jumped the gun and are publishing their own less than favourable opinions of the game.
     Review copies of Final Fantasy XIV have been accompanied by the admonition that reviews should be held back for “three to four weeks post launch” – the rubric apparently being that lots of time is needed “to give the online game time to mature.”
     The demand is styled as a “polite request,” although review sites can probably be forgiven for suspecting their supply of future Square Enix titles might be in danger of drying up should they ignore the request.
     Naturally, Square Enix’s growing legion of detractors (admittedly not necessarily any more reliable than Square Enix themselves) have their own interpretation of this – that Square Enix is attempting to delay news of an impending disaster.
Japanese user reviews are not so sparing – 38% and 1.5 stars over some 160 ratings

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